The annual School Bus Safety Awareness Campaign has been a project of Safety Services Nova Scotia for the past few decades. The School Bus Safety Awareness Campaign is widely recognized by school bus drivers, parents, and other groups with a strong interest in child safety. Our Campaign aims to raise awareness for vehicles illegally passing the school bus while its stopped with its red lights flashing, also known as Red Light Violations. This year, we will be putting focus on the school bus drivers of Nova Scotia.


Campaign Goals and Initiatives

The primary campaign goal is to educate the public of the dangers of illegally passing a school bus that is stopped with its red lights flashing. A secondary goal is to engage school aged children by offering reminders of school bus safety rules in a fun way.  

Information Cards: Information postcards distributed to all motorists by police agencies, motor carrier inspectors throughout Nova Scotia.

Safety Messages: Safety Messages from Media Sponsors

Social Media: Extensive use of Social Media for safety messages and key information about the Annual School Bus Safety Awareness Campaign.