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Safety Services Nova Scotia is pleased to announce that it will be once again presenting the annual School Bus Safety Awareness Campaign. Along with school bus safety, this campaign promotes awareness about the dangers of red light violations. These violations occur when a motorist illegally passes a stopped school bus. In Nova Scotia, 5,000 people a year are routinely charged with red light traffic violations. These violations put our children at serious risk of injury or even death when simply boarding or exiting the school bus. This campaign will be running from October 21-25, 2019 and is widely recognized by parents, teachers, law enforcement, and community members alike. 

The primary source of funding for this campaign comes from sponsorship by corporate organizations. We would like to extend this sponsorship invitation and inform you of the many exciting opportunities that could be available for your organization by partaking in this meaningful cause. 

This year we are offering various levels of sponsorship that can be customized to meet any donation preference. Sponsorship will not only provide your organization with amazing brand awareness opportunities, but also the chance to directly engage with the thousands of supporters that this campaign has garnered. We encourage you to review our sponsorship package and explore the options that could best suit your needs. 

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