Safety tIPS for Kids

To help ensure your safety and the safety of your classmates, read these tips on how to stay safe when getting on and off the bus.

IN THE Morning

  1. When the school bus approaches, line up in single file

  2. Stand back from the edge of the road

  3. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop

  4. Walk a safe distance from the edge of the road to the bus and do NOT run

  5. Wait for the bus driver’s signal if you’re crossing the road

  6. Look both ways for traffic

  7. Take 10 giant steps in front of the school bus, where the driver can see you

IN THE Afternoon

  1. When you get off the bus make sure you take 10 giant steps ahead

  2. Stop and look at the bus driver

  3. The driver will signal when it is okay to cross

  4. Walk in front of the bus and then stop

  5. Look both ways to check for vehicles

  6. If nothing is coming you can continue crossing the road

Remember to never walk behind the bus.